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After a long time of looking and trying to find things I can at last add all my “The Inside” photos onto the site. I have 9 Episode Stills and one of them in from the Unaired Pilot. Cast promos again one of the cast of the Unaired Pilot and a on Set Interview that Rachel. I hope you all enjoy these as a lot of them were very hard to find, I’m still looking for the Unaired Pilot so if anyone dose have it or can help me find it then please email me and we can work things out. And I did find this for the Unaired pilot

The Inside = At first glance, Danny Roberts (Rachel Nichols) seems to be the quintessential American teenager, dating the quarterback at a suburban high school. Only a few know her secret: Danny is not really a high school student, but a 22-year-old federal agent working undercover. Helping Danny ? who is actually Agent ELIZABETH
WORTH ? maintain her cover is Agent Sean Eckhardt (Peter Facinelli)

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Continuum has been renewed for a fourth and final season. The sci-fi series stars Rachel Nichols as law enforcement agent Kiera Cameron, who travels back in time to 2012 from the year 2077. Both networks, Showcase and Syfy, have ordered a final six episodes, set to air in 2015.

The filmed in Vancouver series also stars Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, Stephen Lobo, and Lexa Doig, and has been a fan favourite since its premiere in 2012.

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First I would like to say as you can see there is a new layout up on the main website and gallery made by Never Enough Design. Now with things being a little slow with Rachel right now I have made a start on doing screen captures from Continuum season one 1080p blu-ray and episode 1×01- A Stitch In Time is now up up in the gallery for you all. More are coming very soon.

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Come on Showcase make up your minds and let us all no

Max: So far showcase didn’t renew Continuum and Syfy is still waiting for the decision. Any news on that?
Nothing has been announced either way but we are confident Continuum will receive a Season 4, and more than likely final season, renewal.

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Last night was the season finale of Rush season one. And Rachel was back as Corrine Rush. We find out that she is pregnant and in the last part of the episode that it is Rush’s. How will season two play out now. Over 60 screen caps from episode 1×10 – Bitter Sweet Symphony are now up in the gallery. I will be working on the videos soon.

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Look’s like I talked to soon, Rachel will be back for one more episode of Rush, In the last episode of season one 1×10 – Bitter Sweet Symphony that will air next Thursday. Is it all going to kick off?. One MQ still is now up in the gallery, I’m trying to find the HQ now.

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